In-home Supports

Day to day support work can be vital for many participants. For some, it means freedom, a chance to interact with their community, social participation, and the opportunity to work towards their goals with the support of their team.

Our team of passionate support workers assist people with diverse disabilities in their daily tasks that may be difficult to do on their own such as showering, toileting, bathing, dressing and maintaining personal hygiene. Our team support clients to enjoy living at home with increasing independence, backed with genuine support.

Much of our team have hidden talents and interests, and can provide support in other capacities such as preparing fridge and freezer ready meals at home, organising and tidying your space to increase mobility, and indulging in pamper days, allowing people of all abilities to feel special, loved, and cared for.

We are very lucky to have qualified chefs and hospitality experts on our team who are able to support clients in the home in making positive food choices, introducing new foods, and creating meals and menus to support dietary preferences and nutritional requirements. We understand the importance of diet and work with you and your team to create a menu that is right for you.

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